The major functions performed by the wing are:

Welfare - I

  • To deal with establishment matters of class-IV employees of secretariat sanitary worker, gardener, water carrier, chowkidar, dispatch rider, gate messenger etc.
  • Allotment of office accommodation to Ministers/Advisors/Special Assistants to Chief Minister, and Secretariat Department/Offices
  • Distribution of mail through Central Dispatch Agency received from Federal Government and Secretariat Departments outside Secretariat Departments in Lahore vicinity (morning and evening)
  • Drawing and disbursing officer of the Wing
  • To facilitate the arrangement of cabinet and other VIP meetings to be held in the Committee Room of S&GAD
  • Payment of utility bills of Punjab Civil Secretariat and Chief Secretary’s Camp Office
  • Coordination with Buildings Department regarding additions/alterations in Punjab Civil Secretariat buildings
  • Maintenance, beautification and up keeping of Civil Secretariat
  • Provision of furniture/fixture, stationery, equipment, telephone facilities and other necessary items to offices of S&GAD
  • Provision the facility of Day Care Center for women employees

Welfare - II

  • Preparation of annual budget estimates of DDOs of LQ4063 - S&GAD
  • Distribution of budget to DDOs of LQ4063 - S&GAD
  • Preparation of 1st and 2nd Statement of Excesses & Surrenders of each financial year
  • SNE Proposals of all the Wings of S&GAD
  • Reconciliation of expenditure figures of all DDOs on monthly basis as well as on yearly basis with the Accountant General, Punjab
  • Creation of new posts in S&GAD
  • All budgetary/financial matters of Finance Department and to act as FD of Finance Department
  • Grant of Honorarium to Officers/Officials of S&GAD
  • Holding of Departmental Accounts Committee (DAC) / Special Departmental Accounts Committee (SDAC) / MEFDAC meetings to settle audit/advance paras on the accounts of S&GAD
  • Preparation/consolidation of working paper for the Public Accounts Committees (PAC) meetings pertaining to S&GAD, its attached departments and autonomous bodies/special institutions
  • Establishment mattes of House Hold Staff of Chief Minister’s Office/Banquet Hall, S&GAD, 90 - SQA & VVIP Punjab Guest House (Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) in addition to above assignments
  • Administrative matters of Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation (PGSHF)
  • Administrative Department of Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC), Lahore, Punjab

Welfare - III

  • Establishment matters of household staff Chief Minister's Office/banquent hall/ VVIP guest house S&GAD
  • Overall In-charge of construction, repair, renovation and maintenance work at Punjab Civil Secretariat
  • Deals with allotments of Residences on the pool of S&GAD
  • Deals with allotment of commercial shops / areas in  Govt. Colonies / GORs.
  • Deals with the Rent matters of these Residences.
  • Deals with the Litigation cases of these Residences.
  • Deals with ejectment of unauthorized occupants from these Residences.
  • Rent matters of GOR-I and related issues.
  • Possession / vacation of Houses in GOR-I.
  • Oversee VIP fights