The key functions performed by the wing are mentioned below:


  • Postings/Transfers of PAS & PMS ( Ex-PCS & Ex-PSS) officers from BS-18 & above
  • Service matters of BS-18 &above officers belonging to PAS & PMS
  • Requisition / repatriation of services of PAS officers
  • Promotion cases of Provincial Civil Servants (ex-PCS/ex-PSS/BS-18 & above)
  • Leave matters
  • Deputation and fixation of terms & conditions thereof
  • Issuance of retirement/obituary notifications
  • Processing of case for financial assistance, in case of in-service death of a civil servant
  • Appointments in Special Institutions of S&GAD i.e. o/o Ombudsman, PST & PPSC
  • Career planning of all BS-18 & above officers belonging to PAS & PMS cadres
  • Focal point for initiation of policy input concerning civil service reforms
  • Examination of cases submitted to Governor, Chief Minister and Chief Secretary
  • Issuance of directions/instructions on various subjects
  • Offering of policy inputs on various propositions
  • Wing has taken an initiative to make a database regarding ICP charts of all BS-18 & above officers belonging to PAS & PMS cadres
  • A service proforma of general instruction has been circulated among all BS-18 & above officer belonging to PAS & PMS officers


  • Posting/Transfer of PSP/BS-20 & above officers
  • Service matters of Police Officers (PSP/PP/BS-17 & above)
  • The following matters of BS-17 & above Police Officers, except posting  transfer of BS-17/18/19, are processed by this Section
    • Requisition/Repatriation of Services of PSP Officers
    • Promotion Cases
    • Leave
    • Nominations for U.N. Mission
    • Encadrement of Provincial Police Officers in Police Service of Pakistan
  • Service Matters of DMG/ex-PCS/ex-PSS of BS-18 & above
  • The following service matters of BS-18 & above DMG/ex-PCS/ex-PSS, Officers, except posting/transfer/promotion are processed by this Section
    • Reimbursement of medical claims
    • Move over cases
    • All matters of retired officers
  • Miscellaneous cases
    • Secondment/Re-employment of Army officers
    • Assembly Business
    • CM’s/Governor’s directives
    • Writ Petition, Civil Suits, Appeal to Service Tribunal, High Court/Supreme Court
    • Miscellaneous duties assigned by the Higher Officers
    • Focal person of Services Wing for The Chief Secretary’s Petitions Cell to dispose off the complaints


  • Dealing with the budgetary matters of Services Wing
  • Other miscellaneous matters which are as under:
    • Monitoring of Chief Minister’s Directives concerning Services Wing, S&GAD
    • Monitoring of Assembly Business: Privilege Motions, Adjournments Motions and Assembly Questions both Provincial and National Assembly related with Services Wing, S&GAD